June 20, 2018 Passport loan? Lenders require an ID, as do loan companies. A passport loan is not possible – the passport can be used to further confirm our details. However, it cannot be the basic document with which we will apply for a loan or credit. Therefore, if you have lost your ID card, your document has been stolen or it has expired, take appropriate measures as soon as possible. 

Don’t count on credit for a passport


Can I take a loan with my passport? Unfortunately, this is not possible. According to Polish law, both the passport (Article 4 of the Act of 13 July 2016 on passport documents) and ID card (Article 4 of the Act of 6 August 2010 on identity cards) are documents that confirm Polish identity citizenship of a natural person. However, we can only apply for a cash injection on the basis of the latter.
In the loan application, we must provide:

  • ID number,
  • expiry date of the ID card,
  • information on the issuing authority.

Loans from banking institutions usually require an additional income certificate, e.g. in DEU BP we must present an account statement confirming receipt of remuneration over the last 3 months. If we do not have an account at the DEU bank, we can take a PIT loan. One PIT cash loan is possible. We can check the other offers of banking institutions and the conditions for granting loans in the cash loan ranking. Are lenders more liberal?

Passport loan? A loan without proof is not possible!

Passport loan? A loan without proof is not possible!

As we mentioned, a passport loan, like a passport loan, is out of the question. Although lenders are much less demanding institutions, they also set requirements for clients. Non-bank companies will not grant us a passport loan, much less a loan for a driving license, because a driving license is not an identity document in Poland.

What do lenders expect from customers?

  • an identity document, which is an ID card,
  • Polish citizenship and permanent address in Poland,
  • fixed income,
  • creditworthiness and no entries in the registers of debtors,
  • bank account,
  • an active mobile number.

Identity loans are easily available, especially payday loans, which are for lower amounts.

A loan for proof without certificates is available, among others in companies:

A loan for proof without certificates is available, among others in companies:

  • LendOn – the lender only asks you to send bank statements that will confirm the applicant’s income. It offers a PESEL loan, which is an identification number and is used to verify borrowers in BIG databases. The PESEL number should be entered in the title of transfers when the loan is repaid. Its maximum amount is PLN 6,000, and the loan period is up to 45 days. New customers can apply for the first loan for free in the amount of PLN 2,500,
  • NetCredit – encourages with free payday loan without BIK and without unnecessary formalities up to PLN 3,000. Regular customers can borrow up to PLN 5,000, with a loan period of up to 30 days. The advantage of this offer is the possibility of refinancing the loan,
  • MoneyMan – offers various levels of online loans up to PLN 7,000 and a loan from the APRC 0% up to PLN 1,500. The condition is, of course, repayment on time!

Other loan proof offers can be found in payday loans rankings, and when we need larger amounts, we can look at the installment loans rankings.

Lost Identity Card – What to do?

Lost Identity Card - What to do?

What to do when we need money and:

  • we lost ID
  • we’ve found ID theft,
  • do we have an invalid ID card?

We will definitely not take a passport loan. If your ID card is lost or stolen, the first question we should answer is: “How can I provide an ID card?” This is the most important thing we need to do so that we don’t have to deal with the problem of extorting a loan or credit.

If we have an account at BIK, we can do it online using the Restricted Documents System. In the “My Data” tab, click the “Restrict Documents” link. In this way we send information to all banks and no one will take a loan for our data. The second way is individual notification of the bank: on the transaction service, by phone or at a branch. The stolen identity card should also be obtained by the police and commune authority or consular office. In the commune or consular office we will receive confirmation of lost ID, which we will use until a new document is issued.

In the case of an invalid ID card, we also apply for a new document. We will not take a passport loan or a passport loan, but we can still use the non-banking sector while waiting for new proof to be issued. The condition is prior use of the company’s offer. We do not need to complete the application again. We immediately enter the customer panel and choose the loan parameters. Once we receive the new document, don’t forget to report to the lender the change of data. Keep your information up to date.

Phishing loan – how to defend yourself?

Phishing loan - how to defend yourself?

You can defend yourself against identity thieves. Not only when we lose ID or it is stolen – personal data can also be stolen online.

What are the ways to protect against loan extortion and extortion in Poland?

  • BIK alerts – when we create an account at BIK, we have a range of services to offer. One of them is BIK Alerts, which immediately informs us of any attempt to extort a loan by sending an SMS and email. We will receive a notification each time the bank asks for our data or someone will check us in the BIG InfoMonitor register,
  • Credit Disclaimer – a new BIK service that any financial institution can join. While verifying the application, they will be able to check whether the person applying for the loan has reserved their data. If so, he won’t pay out the money,
  • PESEL Secure System – dref Services Sp. z o. o. in cooperation with the Polish Association of Loan Institutions. Consumers can reserve their PESEL number and inform the loan companies cooperating with the system. They have already joined the program, among others Nominent, Zengga and Loki,
  • FairPay – KRD service that allows you to control your creditworthiness and monitor who checks information about us. Creating an account is free.

Phishing cash loans and other financial products are still current issues, so it’s worth knowing what solutions help you avoid the threat. Although we cannot apply for a passport loan, you should always look after your ID documents (ID and passport), and beware of unnecessary online submission.